"My best days and weeks have come after each session working with Tom.  He has an innate ability to synthesize my thoughts into actionable next steps that build my confidence and efficacy as a leader."                                                                                                -Dan Walsh, Executive Vice Principal, Kepner Beacon Middle School, Denver Public Schools

“Tom has helped me work through different insecurities and weaknesses I face in my role as a leader.  He pushes me to think and reflect deeply about my practice.  As a result, I know myself better as a leader and am more confident leading my staff.”                     -TJ Layne, Principal Resident, Godsman Elementary School, Denver Public Schools

“Tom has been a life line, a rock to lean on, and a trusted confidant.  He has helped guide me through the turbulent waters I have paddled, and most importantly, he has helped me see myself as the capable, courageous, and strong leader I am becoming.  He tells the right stories, he asks the right questions, and he makes me laugh.  His practical experience, curiosity, and obvious interest in learning and growing are inspiring and helpful every step of the way.  I am so grateful to have Tom walking along side me!"              -Jan Harrison, Founding Leader, Compass Community Collaborative, Fort Collins, CO

“I have been working with Tom for almost two years.  In our work together we have built a trusting, honest coaching relationship.  Every session has resulted in a powerful learning experience.  As our professional relationship has grown, his guidance has helped me more clearly define my strengths and values.  He has supported me with implementing strategies to ensure my values are the foundation of my professional and personal life.  The coaching I receive from Tom has become an integral part of life's journey.”      -Jane Paz, Principal Resident, High Tech Elementary, Denver Public Schools

“Tom is like a sharpening stone for my spirit.  If you put in the effort, he will hone you to your finest edge, the peak of effectiveness.”  -Pete Scherer, Actor/Voice Over Artist/Househusband, Los Angeles, CA

"Having Tom at my side to push my thinking and to see in myself that I was ready for the transition from Assistant Principal to a Principal has been instrumental in my growth as a school leader."                                                                                                          -Michael Christoff, Principal, Thomas Jefferson High School, Denver Public Schools

“Tom’s coaching has opened doors that I didn’t even know were there.   I couldn’t see what I couldn’t see.  Tom’s guiding techniques have opened me up to a whole new world of effective life skills that have empowered me as a business owner, a mother, a sister and a friend.  Since working with Tom, my world has become much easier to navigate, more enjoyable, more peaceful, and more effective in every aspect.  My life has a new strength and a new balance that feels really, really great!”                                                                -Danica Siegel, Founder/President, I Am Fragrance, Santa Rosa, CA

"Tom is a great listener. He hears things I don't even realize I'm saying! It's like I have an advocate who says, "do you hear what you're saying?"                                                                                                                                                                                           -Daniel Sharpe, Principal Resident, McGlone Academy, Denver Public Schools